Strategy creation has only three elements – the As Is, the To Be, and the journey between the two

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Many times in my career I have heard complicated descriptions of what strategy is and how to form or create a strategy. In many cases the suggestion for the processes are very complicated and as a consequence the strategy is not realised.

However, like so many things in this world, the strategy creation can be described in just three parts….

1 – Where we are now, our business environment, competition and performance – The ‘As Is’

2 – Where we want to go, our business, the possible environments and future performance objectives – The ‘To Be’

3 – How we get there from today to tomorrow. The ‘Journey’ from the ‘As Is’ to the ‘To Be’

Of course there is a lot of work to do but the concept is simple. How do we get from where we are now to where we want to be? So what’s the clever part? What makes strategy difficult? I would suggest that there are three things that make strategy difficult

1 – Making the decisions on more than just a gut feeling – the analysis

2 – Getting consensus from the Leadership Team – the buy-in

3 – Articulating the strategy through the organisation in a way that is clear and concise but isn’t dumbed down to the extent that no one believes it – talking the walk

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