Three Things to Do to Make a Facebook Group Successful.

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Facebook Groups are a great way to meet and talk to people with a common purpose. Whether that be a business idea, hobby or view of the world. I have successfully run a Facebook Group for some years and we often have 100 new members per day. Here are three things that I believe help you to grow a successful Facebook Group.

  1. Zero tolerance on bad behaviour. Set your rules and stick to them. If someone is breaking the rules or are trying to break the rules. – e.g no off-topic conversations – politics, money-making scams, etc – block them. Add some flag words to root-out posts that have keywords that you do not want to see. Not just swear words – add words like bitcoin, telegram and COVID. Warn people to be supportive and kind – if not mute or block them.
  2. Moderate and vet all new members and new posts. Check profiles and read the posts. This way you will make sure that you get the right people posting the right content. You will probably have to visit your Group at least once a day. Don’t allow controversial posts or post that are looking to annoy people and provoke a response. Try and prevent the ‘you are only a good person if you do the following’
  3. Actively participate in the Group. Welcome new members every day or week (there is a Facebook feature to make this easy). Add polls and posts yourself. Thank people for their posts and comments. Remove unwanted/rude comments. Encourage Group members to flag unwanted comments.

Visit my most successful Facebook Group and you will see the support we get in managing the Group – good luck

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