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make money form courses as an affiliate

Creating and publishing great online dog training courses is vey hard work and very time-consuming. It can also cost a lot of money if you need to hire someone to help you capture the video, edit the video, build a suitable website, and market the course….

But there is another way to help your customers and clients – give them discounted access to great online dog training courses and earn a fee for doing so. Linking as an affiliate to online dog training courses has many benefits to you and your business.

Three things that you can do:

  1. Earn an income from online dog training without all the hard work of creating courses and managing online sales, etc. 
  2. Give your customers a discount – gaining client loyalty
  3. Package the online course & discount with your own training classes and courses (at no extra cost to you)

Is there a catch in referring clients to online dog training courses?

There’s no catch, but there are a few things that you need to consider to make sure that you and your customers get value for money and training from ethical dog trainers that support the training that you provide. 

Choosing the right course to refer your customers to will enhance your standing in the community and also help prevent dog owners from seeking out so-called ‘quick fix’ techniques that don’t work and will probably do more harm than good. 

How do I earn money by referring customers to online dog training? 

It’s quite a simple and well-tried method. You sign up to the online dog training affiliate program and they will supply you a unique URL that will track any links from your website and social media posts and many also offer a unique discount coupon/voucher that will give your customer a discount (and also record that the customer was referred by you).

Earnings vary but are typically 10% of the net sales price – that is the price that the customer pays. So if you referred 10 customers a month for a course that costs £100 (many courses cost more than this), you would earn £100 per month. What’s more, there are no limits so the more referred sales you get the more you earn…. (and there are no associated classes to hold or halls to hire).   

How do I get started with an online dog training affiliate program?

It’s very important you refer customers to the right courses, so we suggest that you start with two courses that we have personally been involved with.

The links will take you to the affiliate sign-up areas for each. But you can also take a look at the course content using these links.

Ultimate Puppy – Online Puppy Training Course by Kamal Fernandez and Di Martin – view the course content

Introduction to Scentwork Course – Online Dog Scent Work Training by Lyn Bowers and Di Martin – view the course content

Marka Masterclass I (Distance Learning) – take advantage of Mark celebrated training from the comfort of your own home?

You can find lots of information with a simple Google search on what an affiliate program is and here is one short post that may help  – What is an affiliate program? 

Are there any limits to how I can refer customers to these courses?

Each affiliate program will have its own Terms and Conditions. The main thing is to be honest about referrals and your relationship with the courses you are promoting. You are usually welcome to promote through social media – whether that’s a Facebook Post, a YouTube Video or an Instagram post….  After all, everyone can be a winner by promoting great online dog training courses. Each platform you use will have its own guidence concerning affiliate referrals – in short, in most countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union, you are required to disclose that your video (for example) contains affiliate links. This is a law. This is to ensure transparency and inform your audience that you may earn a commission if they purchase through your link.

The programs themselves will be able to help and provide images and banners to help and in some occasions may offer you higher returns and bigger discounts for your customers based on performance.  You can also create your graphics using websites like Canva and Silver Poodle Graphics.

The courses we mention above are all in English and the affiliate program works anywhere in the world……. indeed you may find some bespoke help for your region or country if required. 

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