Three writing tools I use to create books (and blog posts).

Three writing tools I use to create books (and blog posts).

I use three writing tools/apps to go from research all the way through to publication via EnergyBook

To set out my thoughts, collate my research, set out my book, I use Scrivener. I find it a great tool and with a one-off purchase price, it’s great value for money. Using a simple word processor does not give you the flexibility to make drafts, move things around also easily take some sections to new books. I also write blog posts in Scrivener

To check my grammar, spelling and style, I use ProWritingAid. It integrates with Scrivener, making it the perfect tool for my book and blog pots writing. With a reasonable yearly subscription, it speeds up my work and gives me the confidence to publish. 

Third, I use Apps Pages to create the final draft ready for upload to Amazon and Lulu, where I self-publish my books. I used to always use Microsoft Word  – but I find Pages leads complicated and packed with the features that I need. It does not integrate with ProWritingAid as the Windows version of Word odes  – but that is OK as I use Scrivener and can cut-and-paste sections into the web version if I need to. 

Update: because I have been helping a client format an ebook and paperback for publishing on Amazon KDP I have been using MS Word. I like Word it’s a great and powerful App. I just tend to favour Pages on my Mac.

So that’s my workflow  – I hope you may find it useful. 

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