One of the Worst Sins you can Commit as a Presenter

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Perhaps one of the worst sins you can commit as a presenter is to run over time. We have all been there watching someone plough through endless slides, going into magnificent detail – that’s not required. Taking little notice of the yawns and fidgeting in the
room. Worst of all ignoring the chairman, frantic waving and calling out of “One minute to go”. Don’t do it. No one thanks you for it and I have yet to hear anyone say “that’s a shame that you kept to your allotted time I would have given up my lunch for more slides”. It’s also not fair on the next speaker who has less time available and has to start their turn with a somewhat annoyed and bored group of listeners.

I also find that if I ma the one waiting I am rubbish when i start my presentation. I just think that everyone is already switched off and fed up with the conference or meeting.



Indeed, delivering your thoughts in less time than is allotted will please the organisers, the audience and your self. Remember – ‘less is more’. Leave your viewers hungry form more information, but not an incomplete story or argument.

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