Don’t worry about the title

Describing your presentation with a title helps convey the content to your audience, set the tone of what is to come and also provides a reference, should, for example, you want to create a series of presentations. However, often I see people worrying (or even agonising) about the title of their presentation long before the basic concept and structure is created. It is usually far better to start putting together your structure and topics first and think about a title towards the end or once you have started to practice.


However, it is not always the fault of the author. When a conference programme or even an informal meeting programme is assembled the title of your presentation is sometimes added for you. Don’t worry it is almost traditional for presenters to veer away from the title from the first slide. Worrying about this may well hamper the creation and delivery of your presentation. One trick is to add the title or an explanation of the content of your presentation after the main title. You have probably seen it done before?

Here are a few examples I have made up to give you and idea of what I mean.

Developments in the UK gas industry – Why we need to develop biomethane as an alternative to imported gas before 2020

Lessons learnt from implementing the new IT system – How we can use our new project management and change skills to transform our customer journey.

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