Name Each Presentation Slide to Engage your Audience

Name Each Presentation Slide to Engage your Audience

A simple technique I learned early in my career to help a presentation flow and create a conversation with your audience, is to name each presentation slide. You will have three things to remember and say about each slide as you present it – the strapline, the content and the link to the next slide.

When you start to describe the content of the slide you can begin by naming it. Don’t make it too complicated and try to use a name that is associated with the context, theme or perhaps the shapes on the slide. Here are a few examples so that you get the hang of what I mean – ‘bubble slide’, ‘three squares’, ‘wheel of fortune’, ‘process spaghetti’, ‘inputs, outputs and outcomes’, etc.


Keep using the slide name making reference when to it as you build your story with words, diagrams and text. If you are asked questions at the end of the presentations try to bring the name into the answer. The more you use it the more people will remember the slide and of course your presentation.

If you are really bold you can invite your audience to join in with the appreciation of your lovely ‘clouds and arrows’ slide!

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